LOD for Conferences in Computer Science

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The purpose of this project is to use Linked Open Data (LOD) to enrich Springer metadata and link them to other available data in the LOD cloud.

The current implementation is making the data about conference proceedings published at Springer available as LOD.

Please note: This project is still in beta phase, we'll shift the infrastructure to other platforms (SN SciGraph) soon.


If you would like to contribute to the project with data yourself or use the data, please feel free to contact us:

The data is freely available under CC0 1.0 Universal license (Public Domain Dedication):

  • 1646 conference series, 8965 conferences and 10093 conference proceedings volumes are available, as of 27th of July 2017; 
  • The content published after 1st of June 2016 covers any topics in Springer Nature
  • The content published before the 1st of June 2016 covered only Computer Science and was published in the following book series
    • LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
    • LNBIP (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing)
    • CCIS (Communications in Computer and Information Science)
    • IFIP-AICT (Advances in Information and Communication Technology)
    • LNICST (Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering)
  • 1000+ conference proceedings volumes from the above mentioned book series are in the pipeline and will be added by the end of 2017 
  • For an explanation of the data available please refer to this data description page
  • Conference series are linked to the conference web page via the DBLP conference ID, e.g. http://dblp.org/db/conf/semweb/ (used under ODC attribution license)
  • The SPARQL endpoint is now active, also as a GUI, see more information at query example page.
  • Weekly dumps are available here.
  • Please help us to improve the data; so if you find any errors, contact the above mentioned Springer staff.

For a start you can explore the data with this graph visualization, search or browse the data following these (preliminary) links:

As of early 2017 we have added books to the portal. We are experiencing performance issues and are looking for a solution to achieve an acceptable performance in Q4 / 2017.

As of the 27th of July 2017, we have 57043 books (including 10093 proceedings volumes) and 1203912 book chapters (some of which are conference papers). Each book contains information about editors or authors, chapters and the chapter authors. The information about the authors is not disambiguated - they are listed in a comma-separated string. In the future, we hope to add better author information, linked to ORCID and affiliation IDs such as GRID.

The implementation of the project would have not been possible without the help and dedication of our external partners:

uni.png Volha Bryl (now Senior Data Specialist at Springer Nature) and Kai Eckert (now professor at Stuttgart Media University) from the Data and Web Science Group of University of Mannheim, taking care of the initial prototype and advising on linked open data technologies. This was supported by LOD2 project.

We are about to include and improve links to DBLP and GND. For that we are working together with Marcel Ackermann, Computer Science Bibliography at Schloss Dagstuhl, and Maral Dadvar, Research Fellow at Stuttgart Media University.
netwise.pngNet Wise, system integration: connecting the portal with the internal production systems at Springer, APIs and libraries of third parties such as Scopus, LodLive, etc.
TU_Wien_s.pngWe cooperate with the Linked Data Lab at TU Wien on adding information about conference Program Committees (PCs).

Thanks to Markus Richter, implementing data collection and checks for the LNCS team at Springer.


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